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Cultivate Joy & Curiosity
with a New Preschool Curriculum for Three-Year-Olds

Introducing Frog Street Preschool

Frog Street Preschool is a comprehensive thematic curriculum tailored to meet the distinctive needs of three-year-olds. At Frog Street, we celebrate the uniqueness of this crucial developmental stage. As they transition from parallel to cooperative play, navigate developing language skills, and express genuine affection for their peers, our curriculum guides children through these significant milestones while laying the foundations for math, literacy, STEAM and social emotional development. Frog Street Preschool is your partner in nurturing young learners on their journey to kindergarten readiness.


Frog Street Preschool curriculum offers instruction and content spanning nine monthly themes rooted in early brain development research. Our new program offers teachers everything they need for building daily routines, intentional instruction, whole- and small-group activities, and family connections. Our program also introduces math and literacy, social emotional development, STEAM, movement and mindfulness, and much more! Frog Street Preschool is available in English, Spanish, and Dual Language formats.